Mitsubishi Pajero

1982-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Mitsubisi Padzhero
+ 1.1. Dashboard and control units
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Greasing system
+ 6. Power supply system
+ 7. Release system
+ 8. Fuel system
- 9. Running gear
   + 9.1. Mechanical transmission
   + 9.2. Coupling
   - 9.3. Automatic transmission
      9.3.1. Adjustments
      + 9.3.2. The blocking switch
      9.3.3. Check of adjustment of a cable of management by transmission
      9.3.4. Mechanism of management of transmission
      9.3.5. Epiploon of a shaft of a case of transmission
      9.3.6. Removal and transmission installation
      9.3.7. Transfer case
      9.3.8. Forward and back epiploons
      - 9.3.9. Forward driveshaft and crosspieces Replacement of the kardanny hinge
      + 9.3.10. Back driveshaft and crosspieces
      9.3.11. Forward leading axis
      9.3.12. A nave with a manual unblocking
      9.3.13. A nave with an automatic unblocking
      9.3.14. Forward semi-axes and epiploons of a forward axis
      9.3.15. Reducer of a forward axis
      9.3.16. Dismantling of CV JOINTS
   + 9.4. Zadny Bridge
+ 10. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. Body
+ 13. Electric equipment
+ 14. Electroschemes Replacement of the kardanny hinge


Details of the kardanny hinge

1. Lock ring
2. Butterdish
3. Bearing
4. Crosspiece neck
5. Flange fork
6. Fork of the sliding
shlitsevy connection
Excess of greasing is not allowed, otherwise the bearing not completely will come on a crosspiece and the considerable mistake in a choice of lock rings on thickness is possible

The adaptation for dismantling of kardanny hinges: for a forward shaft – МВ990840, for a back shaft – МВ991410

Arrangement of lock rings of bearings of a crosspiece

1. On a crosspiece of a forward shaft

2. On a crosspiece of a back shaft

3. A flute under a ring

1. Put labels of mutual orientation on both forks not to break balancing at assembly.
2. Get the lock rings fixing glasses of bearings of a crosspiece (a forward shaft – at the left, back – on the right).
3. Removal of a crosspiece needs a clamp, an insert and an opravka. Diameter of an insert should be slightly less opening in a fork that вытолкнуть the bearing, and diameter of an opravka should provide loss of the vypressovanny bearing.
4. Similarly выпрессуйте other pair of bearings of a crosspiece.


1. Put in new bearings fresh SAE J310A NLGI N2 EP greasing, having greased with it necks of a new crosspiece, a needle and an epiploon edge.
2. Insert glasses of bearings into opposite openings in a fork кардана, establish a crosspiece and press both glasses of the bearing in a fork кардана so that it was possible to insert a lock ring.
3. The crosspiece at a zapressovyvaniye should be centered concerning bearings.
4. Similarly press other 2 bearings of a crosspiece of other fork, having combined labels on forks.
5. Insert a lock ring of the bearing on the one hand, then overturn the hinge and допрессуйте a glass of the opposite bearing, insert an opposite lock ring.
6. Check a gap between the second inserted ring and a flute. If the gap exceeds 0,06 mm, lock rings replace (a forward shaft – at the left, back – on the right). The thickness of rings on both parties should be identical.