Mitsubishi Pajero

1982-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Mitsubisi Padzhero
+ 1.1. Dashboard and control units
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Greasing system
+ 6. Power supply system
+ 7. Release system
+ 8. Fuel system
- 9. Running gear
   + 9.1. Mechanical transmission
   + 9.2. Coupling
   + 9.3. Automatic transmission
   - 9.4. Zadny Bridge
      9.4.1. Semi-axes, bearings and epiploons
      9.4.2. Adjustment axial люфта semi-axes
      9.4.3. Reducer of the back bridge
      9.4.4. Epiploon of a reducer of the back bridge
      9.4.5. Removal and installation of the back bridge
+ 10. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. Body
+ 13. Electric equipment
+ 14. Electroschemes

9.4.1. Semi-axes, bearings and epiploons


Order of dismantling of a semi-axis of the back bridge (except and/m 1992-98)

N–is subject to replacement
1. Drum
2. Bolt of fastening of a cable manual
3. Tip of a cable of the hand brake
4. Brake tubes
5. Nuts
6. Semi-axis assembled
7. Adjusting washers
8. Ring
9. Lock-nut
10. Kitrovochny washer
11. Washer
12. Semi-axis
13. Internal holder
14. Case
15, 17. Epiploon
16. External holder

Order of dismantling of a semi-axis of the back bridge (1992-98)

N–is subject to replacement
1. Brake tubes
2. Back brake
3. Disk
4. Bolt of a cable of the hand brake
5. Tip of a cable of the hand brake
6. Hand brake assembled
7. Sensor of speed
8. Semi-axis assembled
9. Lock ring
10. Locking ring of the bearing
12. 1st internal holder of the bearing

13. 2nd internal holder
14, 23. Epiploon
15. Gryazeotrazhatel (on and/m without ABS system)
16. A rotor (on and/m with ABS system)
17. Semi-axis
18. Brake board
19. Arm of the sensor of speed
20. External holder of the bearing
21. Case
22. Ring

Removal and installation

CARS OF 1983-91.

1. Remove brake drums.
2. Disconnect a cable of the hand brake.
3. Unscrew 4 nuts of a board of a brake and remove a semi-axis assembled with a board, the case and the bearing.
4. Remove a ring and adjusting washers (for adjustment of a preliminary tightness of bearings), having tracked their safety.
5. Vypressuyte an epiploon from the back bridge.
6. Unscrew a nut, remove washers and press the bearing by means of a stripper (a plate with 4 openings opposite to hairpins of the case of bearings).
7. Beat out from the case an external holder the bearing and remove an epiploon.
8. Assembly is carried out upside-down.
9. Put in the bearing greasing, tighten nuts and bolts according to the demanded moments.
10. Holders of the bearing press by means of a special opravka (1 – the case, 2 – an emphasis).
11. An epiploon press by means of a special opravka (1 – the bearing case, 2 – an emphasis).
12. Check axial люфт semi-axes which should be 0,05–0,20 mm, if necessary adjust (see subsection 9.4.2).

CARS OF 1992-98.

1. Remove a support of a brake and a disk, disconnect a cable of the hand brake.
2. On cars with ABS system remove the sensor of speed.
3. Get from the back bridge a semi-axis (if necessary use a shock stripper).
4. Remove a lock ring, beat out a bolt of fastening of a board of a brake.
5. For cutting of a locking ring it is necessary to remove one of hairpins (1 – a brake board).
6. Clamp a semi-axis in a vice and carefully cut a manual nazhdachny circle a locking ring of the bearing till thickness of 1-2 mm (1 – a manual sandpaper, 2 – the bearing case, 3 – a locking ring).
7. After that bring down a ring a chisel.
8. Process a corner of a plate of the Mv990861 adaptation a sandpaper and fix the adaptation on a semi-axis, having picked up washers and having wrapped nuts.
9. Vypressuyte a semi-axis from the bearing case.
10. By means of the Mv990861 adaptation and a press remove from a semi-axis a bearing holder (1 – the processed edge of a plate, 2 – a plate, 3, 5 – a washer, 4 – the case, 6 – a bolt, 7 – a nut).
11. On cars with ABS system remove an epiploon and a dustproof cover.
12. On cars without ABS system press a rotor, having laid between a rotor and a semi-axis an auxiliary plate in thickness of 1 mm (1, 2 – a plate, 3 – a support).


Not to bend a rotor plate at a vypressovyvaniye as a support use an opravka which diameter corresponds to diameter of a flange of a semi-axis.

13. Remove from a semi-axis other details.
14. Remove a brake board.
15. Establish a remote internal holder and by means of the Mv990799-01 adaptation press an external holder (1).
16. Fix the bearing the MV 990560 adaptation for semi-axis knocking-out.
17. Remove the bearing case.
18. Remove a ring and выпрессуйте an epiploon from the back bridge.
19. Replace worn-out details. Also those details which are designated by N letter are subject to replacement.
20. Assembly is carried out upside-down taking into account the following.
21. Press a semi-axis epiploon prisposobleny Mv990932-01 and Mv990938-01, or equivalent.
22. Grease and press an external holder of the bearing the Mv990890-01 adaptation.
23. Napressuyte a rotor on a semi-axis the Mv991388 adaptation.
24. An epiploon of the case of the bearing press prisposobleny Mv990936-01 and Mv990938-01, previously having greased and having established an internal holder of the N1 bearing.
25. An internal holder of the N2 bearing press on a semi-axis the Mv990799 adaptation.


Both holders of the bearing should be напрессованы closely to each other. Semi-axes of the back bridge with the being self-blocked differential have different length (the right semi-axis longer).

26. A locking ring of the bearing press on a semi-axis the Mv990799-01 adaptation with initial effort of 5 Hardware and the final 10–11 Hardware.


If final effort less specified, a semi-axis replace.

27. After installation of a lock ring check a gap And between lock (1) and locking (2) rings which should not exceed 0,166 mm.
28. Otherwise pick up a lock ring on thickness, being guided by the following color marking of thickness: 2,17 mm – are absent, 2,01 – yellow, 1,85 – dark blue, 1,69 – pink, 1,53 – red.
29. Tighten all connections according to the demanded moments.