Mitsubishi Pajero

1982-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Mitsubisi Padzhero
+ 1.1. Dashboard and control units
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Greasing system
+ 6. Power supply system
+ 7. Release system
+ 8. Fuel system
+ 9. Running gear
+ 10. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. Body
- 13. Electric equipment
   13.1. Detection of malfunctions in electric equipment system
   13.2. Tension check
   13.3. Detection of short circuit
   13.4. Check of reliability of grounding
   13.5. Check of integrity of a chain
   13.6. Finding of not closed chain
   13.7. Safety locks
   13.8. Burned-through crossing points
   13.9. Automatic switches
   13.10. System of safety of SRS (safety cushion)
   + 13.11. Heater
   + 13.12. Conditioner
   + 13.13. Cruise control
   + 13.14. Audiosystem
   + 13.15. Cleaners of glasses
   + 13.16. Devices and switches
   - 13.17. Lighting devices
      13.17.1. Headlights
      13.17.2. Lamp replacement
      13.17.3. Adjustment of a beam of light of headlights
      13.17.4. Indexes and turn repeaters
      13.17.5. Lamp of an additional signal of braking (1992-98)
      13.17.6. Devices of internal lighting
      13.17.7. Lamp of illumination of registration plate
   + 13.18. Protection devices of electric chains
+ 14. Electroschemes

13.17.4. Indexes and turn repeaters


Forward (1) and back (2) indexes of turn (1983-86)

Back combination of lamps (1983-86)

1. Back index of turn of 27 W / types 1156

2. Signal of braking and back lamp of 27/8 W type 1157 (a dvukhnitevy lamp)

3. Signal of a backing of 27 W / types 1156

Back combination of lamps (1992-98)

1. Cover of the buffer of a door of a back compartment
2. Back combination of lamps
3. Lamp
4. A wire with the socket
5. Facing

Removal and installation


On cars of late release the rasseivatel is pasted on a reflector.

1. On cars of early releases unscrew screws and remove a rasseivatel (or a repeater plafond).
2. Get a repeater lamp, having pulled on itself.
3. The lamp of the index of turns gets after its turn counter-clockwise.
4. Establish a new lamp upside-down, considering that the lamp can come into flutes of the holder only the only way.
5. Remove a spring or unscrew screws (if to them there is an access outside).
6. Carefully get the index, watching to breaking a latch or a bracket.
7. Turn the holder of a lamp counter-clockwise and get.
8. Replace a lamp.


1. On cars of early releases for replacement of a lamp it is necessary to remove a rasseivatel of a back combination of lamps.
2. On cars after 1990 for lamp replacement from a back combination execute the following.
3. Define, which lamp does not burn, and remove facing of a rasseivatel.
4. Unscrew screws and remove a casing of a back combination.
5. Get the holder of a lamp (as a rule, it it is necessary to turn it on 1/4 turns) and replace a lamp (the lamp is turned out).